Naruto Shippuden RPG DEMO

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A demo of my Naruto RPG. If you can help me out, please do.


IT JUST A demo, I understand.

I must say that you have a good concept here, and this, being a demo, should not be completely flawless; however, this as a demo is fairly poor. The intro seemed a little slow for my tastes; I would speed up the text at the introduction for the people who read fast. The music should loop indefinitely, and once you switch to a new screen, Naruto's position should return to a logical spot (if I walk up to the next screen, he should reappear at the bottom of the next screen). This above glitch really ruined the demo for me, since I ended up lost in the village. There should be overlapping when the other ninja sprites pass in front of Naruto, and he should also not be able to walk over them like doormats. Fix these things and add in some combat, and you just might have a decent game on your hands.

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O.O r u kidding me i just entered and its all white O.O and is tht a game relly dont give us demo give a full and a good game :D

make something thats not just walking in the leaf village and if =u can do more plz put the thing that tells u where to go in

for lolz

hold down up arrow key to walk off screen,also needs a instuction panel on the main menu,so you can find out how to enter shops and such instead of walking on them.but this demo has a promising future,i look foward to see after it's updated to see what it turns out to be.good luck!

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2.69 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2011
3:57 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG