Good Bye, My Love!

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Play the game on December 21.

Author Comments

I made this game based on an idea by @petermolydeux on twitter:
"Game where an asteroid is about to hit earth, the aim is not to stop it but to say goodbye to every family member. You have 120 of them."
I used reduced graphics, sound fx and story elements to fit the original idea. It's just about the goodbye. The end is unavoidable.

Use the arrow keys to move around your character and touch your loved ones to say goodbye!



Goodbye, sweet prince.

sorry man,

this games is not what i had in mind. i thought it would be an emotional, heart warming game, but its really a memory/ puzzle game. you might have got away with it if it wasnt for the bad repitive music and sounds, and teh terrible art. not to mention there is no replay value and nothing to really keep me to the game. you could possibly try to make the game again, but have a compleat makeover. and maybe add some sort of animation?

good concept, needs more emotionion, or at least decent believability.

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RetroArts responds:

I don't wanted to get away with it. I loved the concept by @petermolydeux and I wanted to make a simple game out of it. My goal is to make simple games with retrospective graphics. I focused mainly on the "goodbye". It's just an experiment. I never intended to win any awards with it.


For me, the gameseems to be boken. It isn't my kind of game anyways, so I can't really give a good review. :(


I thought this would be a game where u had to say goodbye to someone you loved before a meteor ended it all, an epic story line where you're coming out of work and ur wife and kids are home and you try to make home through all the chaos.....I expected too much, this doesn't really have a strong point imo.

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RetroArts responds:

Blame the kids. They blew the motion capture sessions. So I ended up with this ...

it is...

its sorta repetetive, and the idea is ok. i thought it was going to be some sad and awesome point and click game, then i saw this pixelated guy who runs around saying goodbye to people who all look alike aside from their clothing color. 2 for effort though

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3.13 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2011
1:03 PM EDT
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