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Good Bye, My Love!

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The Bastards Were Right 100 Points

Play the game on December 21.

Author Comments

I made this game based on an idea by @petermolydeux on twitter:
"Game where an asteroid is about to hit earth, the aim is not to stop it but to say goodbye to every family member. You have 120 of them."
I used reduced graphics, sound fx and story elements to fit the original idea. It's just about the goodbye. The end is unavoidable.

Use the arrow keys to move around your character and touch your loved ones to say goodbye!


Interesting concept, bad execution.

Well at least I can say one thing; I expected this to be some crappy "art" game, and it wasn't, which made me happy.

This idea was original and interesting, and originality in flash games is not something you see a lot of anymore. However, it wasn't done to a very appealing level.

I'd actually say my biggest complaint is the music. It's absolutely terrible. Mixed with the sounds of all the screaming people, it is a sound by itself that would make me stop playing the game. The annoying melody, beats, and piercing... sound... make the game an earsore. As I write this review, I've had to mute my computer.

The gameplay is pretty boring. A memory game is interesting, but running around doing the same thing only with more people doesn't give me a high replay value. Not to mention that the game doesn't last very long. The path of the meteor is pretty strange too. I would have much preferred it hit the ground all at once than slowly cover the screen, which from the perspective you drew it, doesn't make sense.

There's just not a lot of "substance" in this game, I guess that's my problem. Graphic wise, gameplay wise, and interest wise.
That, and the ear splitting music.
Original concept though. Kudos on that.

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RetroArts responds:

I changed the music. Please wait for the 1.4 update to be approved by Newgrounds.

Fresh Concept, Not So Great Gameplay

I applaud such a fresh concept. Yet, the gameplay is certainly lacking a strong foundation to make the game actually enjoyable.

This game to me seems to be more of a Memory game, rather than Collecting game as defined in the Genre. The crucial point in this game is the ability to memorize your family members before the crowds flood the city and the only thing you can rely on is the memory we have of what the family members looked like.

It got more complicated as they would run in random directions, and blend into the crowd like water on water. If you cannot get them within 4 seconds, no 3 seconds, I guarantee, unless you have exceptional memory powers, you'd most likely ended up groping every single NPC you see, in a blind attempt and hope that you'd luckily grope your family members before the meteor ends you.

The difficulty spike is too drastic too in my opinion. By stage 4 or 5, I was already running around blindly. I don't suggest giving your family members distinct features to separate them from the rest, as the game would be really easy then. Instead give an image of the targets we were supposed to bid farewell to at the top right corner or something.

That would make the game more 'playable', as it is I believe that it is too hard. Arguably it could be my playing skills suck badly, as some players gave this game 8+ scores. But the overall score of this game should give a clearer image of where this game stands, and supports my opinion.

After all that's said and done, this is my opinion. And the players have a choice as to where they stand on this.

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RetroArts responds:

I agree, it's too hard. Since I made the game in less than 8 hours I focused mainly on the concept. I will however give the game more finetuning over the weekend. Stay tunded and thanks for all the comments and votes.

I certainly need to say good bye to all of you in case of an asteroid emergency!


I don't know what to do. This game's concept is a tad rare to find, but it's also boring to begin with. It's more of a pay attention game, and if it actually had a storyline it would be worth playing. But no, its just "Oh, look at these three people, now find them in a crowd of 40 people." Thats not going to catch on. If the game played the same, but actually had a deeper meaning than just running around saying "See ya" and getting points for it, it would be higher. You really can't make a fun arcade type game like this. Unless you were the one controlling the meteor, but thats besides the point. It's not going to work, and the music sounds like complete chaos, which, yes it does fit, but its over stimulating when playing a game where your trying to CONCENTRATE. It was ok, and definatley does not deserve a second play. Sorry, but next time, make a good game like everyone else on the internet.

Thanks for the Post


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Shows potential...

The concept is somewhat unique, and I like that, but the gameplay is very lacking in every way. Movement is jerky, no matter what, I never "say goodbye" to "my loved ones", except the rare occasion when the game decides I touched someone, even though I didn't even touch that character. I believe the collision system needs work. Not sure.

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What can I say here? I get the message but...

- Artwork is just... bland. It's exactly between good and bad. It's not a pain to look at but, eh. Apparently people don't seem to have arms and are floating instead of walking... or so it looks like. No movement in legs at all. Then again, these things have never been the point in this type of games.

- Music choice is pretty much EXCELLENT for this type of game, points for that!

- Gameplay... pretty simple, but game doesn't offer me enough so that I would play it more than once or twice. Gradually gets harder since there is more people, so it's a memorizing game, no?

- I would have expected that since artwork is so simple, that perhaps the things people say would be touching or similar... but no. All I get is "K THX BYE" over and over again? (Ofc no time to say anything else I guess but, c'mon. Even a little variety?)

- Apparently I don't seem to get hurt by the giant meteor when walking into it, but other people die instantly?

- I would have thought meteor would come closer all the time, but it actually GOES BACK UP in the end of every level? It doesn't really give me a sense of inevitable doom, if you get what I mean. I would have thought personally that having it lower down all the time as you play be a bit better.

I get the message in the game, of course.
But game having a message doesn't need to mean it has to be so simple and plain.

Perhaps there is something in the end if you manage to actually say goodbye to 120 people, who knows.

I am truly sorry for the harsh review, but it is just what I feel.

2/5, 4/10

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Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2011
1:03 PM EDT
Skill - Collect