Good Bye, My Love!

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The Bastards Were Right 100 Points

Play the game on December 21.

Author Comments

I made this game based on an idea by @petermolydeux on twitter:
"Game where an asteroid is about to hit earth, the aim is not to stop it but to say goodbye to every family member. You have 120 of them."
I used reduced graphics, sound fx and story elements to fit the original idea. It's just about the goodbye. The end is unavoidable.

Use the arrow keys to move around your character and touch your loved ones to say goodbye!



For me, the gameseems to be boken. It isn't my kind of game anyways, so I can't really give a good review. :(

it sucks

i dont like it at all the reason im saying 1 star iz because of that meteor...and thats it... the meteor looked cool

It was... okay

Meh. Nothing new.

Interesting concept, bad execution.

Well at least I can say one thing; I expected this to be some crappy "art" game, and it wasn't, which made me happy.

This idea was original and interesting, and originality in flash games is not something you see a lot of anymore. However, it wasn't done to a very appealing level.

I'd actually say my biggest complaint is the music. It's absolutely terrible. Mixed with the sounds of all the screaming people, it is a sound by itself that would make me stop playing the game. The annoying melody, beats, and piercing... sound... make the game an earsore. As I write this review, I've had to mute my computer.

The gameplay is pretty boring. A memory game is interesting, but running around doing the same thing only with more people doesn't give me a high replay value. Not to mention that the game doesn't last very long. The path of the meteor is pretty strange too. I would have much preferred it hit the ground all at once than slowly cover the screen, which from the perspective you drew it, doesn't make sense.

There's just not a lot of "substance" in this game, I guess that's my problem. Graphic wise, gameplay wise, and interest wise.
That, and the ear splitting music.
Original concept though. Kudos on that.

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RetroArts responds:

I changed the music. Please wait for the 1.4 update to be approved by Newgrounds.


yeah, I thought it was going to be an RPG or something like that buuuuut doesn't seem to be one, and the people yelling the whole time is just FUCKING getting on my nerves

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3.13 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2011
1:03 PM EDT
Skill - Collect