Death Of Clown Toggaf

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originaly this flash was made for tomfulps "animate a clown dying" contest...
however since i was moving out from "larache" to "martil" i had less time to complete it, so it stayed as a WIP.
anyway i still decided to extend it and still upload it.. so here it is.. hope ya enjoy it :3

with lova bocodamondo :3

P.S read "Toggaf" backward :3



nice :)


Im so glad i found this, good job!!!

bocodamondo responds:

thanks :3

Violence has never been so funny.

For some reason I laughed the whole time. Really good dude. You did a good job of the animation, not without its minor flaws but nothing to complain about. Storyline was good and I liked where those angles were going. The backgrounds seamed kinda lazy from time to time but then again the action is where your attention should be.

Im not getting the storyline much, but the ending was kinda sad... Even though I laughed. I wonder why she killed him, and so violently. And Lmao Taggof the clown. Very original... Probably not. Awesome movie though! 5/5 10/10

bocodamondo responds:

thanks for the review :3


That was pretty detailed. At first I thought that this was just gonna be another silly yet violent clown-death video. I was far off. In some ways, It actually looks very sad. I like how you put two characters against eachother (for whatever reason, you don't know), and you aren't directly sure at first who is innocent and who is evil. It all depends on your perceptions of the characters and what they've done throughout their lives. Personally, I think the clown was innocent, and the girl more evil than heroic.

bocodamondo responds:

well yeah thanks ^^
and i DID make the female the evil one
however the story has something to do with her brother wich can be seen with toggaf in one of the memory bubbles

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3.81 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2011
12:08 PM EDT