Hungry Frog

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A lovely frog wants to eat but it can't do that without your help. Don't let it starve! Show everyone who's the best mosquito hunter!

Use the mouse to catch as many mosquitoes as possible before the time runs up. But be careful - glowworms are not good for your frog and will cost you -50 points!


Awesome game!

Loved it! 10/10! Keep it up airflash!

2TheRandomDot & pranjalmaithani: sorry guys, beg to disagree - it there weren't this many glowworms, the game would be to easy! u just have to do something to make them fly away, like move some other direction or smth, not just sit around and wait :)

Too many Glows...yes

Not just that, but they don't just hover around...eventually they crowd right into your face, so you have no line of fire at all. I kept waiting for them to move, but they didn't. It was like they were sitting their, knowingly screwing it up for me. Ended up with <500 pts, and that's w/o hitting any glowers. Could have done better if I wasn't sitting on my ass for 10 seconds at a time waiting for them to move.

sweet little game

I like the game, there could be more to this though

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2011
3:24 AM EDT
Action - Other