The Bafroom Table

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Stupid commercial parody I made in flash where I had to model an item and environment in Maya.

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=DBUw_nRecYQ

Thats the youtube version if there's any issue with it playing here.

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Great idea! I play guitar on the crapper. If I had this, I could write lyrics down too! Epic song at the end.

Leggo my Eggo!

Great animation and great 3d sets. I myself found it funny because way too often have I found myself reading the same shampoo bottles over and over.

Placing my order today

Oh how I have wished for one of these. Many a times I have shat with my laptop reviewing animations here on NG thinking to myself, "God damn this thing is going to melt my fucking legs to the porcelain. Good job on the 3d set pieces as well. I like how you actually took the time to make a shower curtain. Congrats on a successful animation Thomas. Oh and fuck the reviews that offer nothing in the way of constructive advice while being completely mundane and negative. Pay no heed to them for you my friend did well today.

Iznvm responds:

thank you sir... appreciate the response very much... and while this product doesn't exist, inspiration comes from just taking a TV tray folding table to the bathroom when I gotta poop... so try that out if ya have some=P

my life

i do that too, read things i can find around lol !

Iznvm responds:

glad you could relate=)


Well done commercial. It was funny and entertaining because it has alot of truth to it. Alot of people do read shampoo bottles or the back of soap containers when they forget to bring their crapping materials.

Honestly the only reason I wrote a review is to tell you that when "Cheesius" said "Pretty good." and "thelordofcheese" said "not long enough" they were both wrong. It is "Excellent". It effectively makes its point in the same amount of time that a normal tv commercial would.

Iznvm responds:

Thank you sir, always appreciate someone who gets it=)

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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2011
5:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody