Oxob vs Fox & Q

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My 5th RHG battle wich I also used as my entry for the 4-Day competition over at Fluidanims.com. Obviusly, I lost that comp.

Kidkei was supose to make an anim too but life kept him busy. I don't know if he is gonna make a counter-anim later on though.


[Edit] Whoa! Daily feature?! Thanx alot Newgrounds!

[Edit2] Maybe I should explain the powers of the characters for the people who dont know.

Oxob: Strength, Power-concentrating steelhands.

Fox: Flash-step (Teleportation for short distances)
Q: Shapeshifting to any object. Indestructable. Seeks refuge inside Fox's body.



+Fantastic and clean animation,
+Great sound effects
+Good backround music

All in all one of the best stick figure battles I've seen.


Yey for Oxob! :D

This animation was great!
The moves were amazing and I trully loved the super power Oxob had(sorry I don't know the english word... D:).
I like the music, the sounds of the moves were all quite sychronized and aaah, these smileys you put ( o_o ) made me laugh so hard. xD

I don't know why all people start nagger if they see stick figures. I believe each animation is unique and it's not just 'stick figures' especially when we're talking about an animation like this one!
Well done! ^^

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Stickmen fights are cliche but it's good enough for cliche to not take over


In all seriousness people need to GET OVER sticks.
I mean it like this.
Down below Acustic complains about sticks. That they're too simple too generic bla bla, same thing all the time etc etc..
1. This is an RHG fight. Which is a trend/competition on Fluidanims. Of course it's the same thing as ANY OTHER RHG FIGHT because THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT. They're gladiators fighting it out! TO SEE WHO IS BETTER! And you know who wins? the one with the better ANIMATION. Seriously.
2. Just because it is number one for the day doesn't mean anything to the ENTIRETY of Newgrounds. It just means that today, on this day, the people that were on, just thought that this deserved number 1. Doesn't mean they think it's better than like Tarboy or There She Is!.
3. These aren't as simple as people might think. Sure they're just simple brush strokes. But to get that fluidity, the combo's, well if you think it's so simple you do it! Simple right? It does take quite a bit of practice to get a good level of understanding with it.
Take Terkoiz for example. He does stick figure fights. But they're not just stick figure fights anymore, they're more than that. They can take just as much time and effort as any other freaking animation, if not more with all the effects you want to put in.

So suck it up people. Seriously.

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man this is great

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Oct 2, 2011
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