Let's Creep!

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"The Creepers ancestral home, a mighty mountain in the middle of no where, has been over run by Players! And the player plan to destroy the mountain! 2 Creepers, having had enough of the Players, decide to blow the players up with their own TNT boxes! Will they succeed? Or will they die and have their bodies looted for Gunpowder?"

Finally, I am finished! This thing took me well over 2 months to make. In the end, though, I felt like this was worth it. The Cartoon is over 7 Minutes long. Also, even though I had no intention of entering this into the Halloween Contest, since I was finishing it up yesterday I thought "When in Rome". Also, it does share one thing in common with Halloween: Dressing up.

I'd like to thank Ramthundar for being Dirken Irkan 19, the leader of the Players. Ramthundar has an awesome voice and you should definately use him if you need a voice actor. I'd also like to thank the Newgrounds Community for being supportive and helpful with my Other flashes. Hopefully this one will get me a trophy!

EDIT: YES! 5th PLACE! Thank you newgrounds community! Thank you all! :D


idiots forgot to set it in peaceful!

Cool movie!

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Thanks :D

looks like this is a little creepy dun dun dun dun

waaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh pretty cool there voice is weird.

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Yeah, I decided early on that the Creeper's should use their native tongue instead of using English for them. Although their native tongue is mostly "Sssssssssssss" and not the groans and moans I used for them. I felt that Groans and moans however were more appropriate, so I just decided to use them. There are a couple of "Sssssssssssssss" thrown in there though.

Thanks for liking my Cartoon :D


Nice job you definitely have a future on NewGrounds :)

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DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Thanks :D That means a lot honestly XD


Even tough the graphics could be better, it is a great animation.
I think i'm going to create an account and play minecraft...

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

You should :D It's a fun game XD

Thanks for the Review :D

so sad

reminds me that theres two sides to everything

DingoWalleyStudio responds:

Why yes! Yes there are!

Thanks for liking the Cartoon :D

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2011
7:48 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 3, 2011