Young Lich

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Timing is essential in this weird combat RPG game.
Its a crappy old project with weird animations.
Music is an emulation of Rastan(1987) soundtrack.
NaotoYagishita & Masahiko Takaki (no website)
No mute, no pause, thank you for play.

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You should include a pause and mute buttons. Graphics could be better, include more content and abilities.

This game is awesome. lmao, great idea for a game. lolzzzz. I liked the music and sounds, artwork and graphics.

The graphics are great, but the sound and gameplay leave much to be desired.

This is freaking awesome!

how is it even possible that this has a rating below 3?! I mean it's a very good game, I would really like to see a second version of it!

but then with some more storyline (which should be easy since there wasn't a storyline at all :D ), a option that you can rearrange your stat skills (because sometimes you assign a stat point to a stat, and than you go like "owh crap wrong one") , and maybe something with side quests or shops.

Interesting but repetitive game.

By repetitive I mean you literally do the exact stuff every minute or two. You fight one of the first 3 people, get stats, apply them, then continue to do so until you're strong enough to fight the next tier. The combat is also not too great. I found myself applying all of my points into fire, then just clicking the fire spell at an exact moment over and over till the person died. This was usually interrupted as a person fell though.

Don't get me wrong though, this game was entertaining enough for me to see it to it's end. I beat the king as soon as I was doing 100 damage exact, then just used my fire spell 20 times. I do admit, it got rid of some time.The music got annoying after hearing it nearly 40 times in a row. I would say though, that it needs improvement on how the combat system works. I can't think of one amazing game that uses a method of combat that requires you to click at an exact moment in order to defeat your opponent. I do remember some, but they're not amazing, and I also found complications upon the battle system.

Really, it seems you implemented the random falling pattern to prevent what I was doing, and that's clicking the mouse button within milliseconds of the opponent attacking, over and over in a pattern. This can be easily negated by adding points to your health, though not much is needed.

I gave it a 7/10 because this game repeats itself, takes a combat system often used (A not-so-good one.), and the opponents are quite limited. You're given a nice bit of spells, but the opponents you fight them with are limited to three.

currosonido responds:

Thank you very much for such a dedicated and positive comment.