WoH Chronicles chapter 2

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Finally! I can finally submit something! Due to file size, I could not upload chapter 1, but, it was rather unimportant to the story. Oh, and, go easy on the comments, I'm new to this.

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look dude i wanna cut you some slack because you are a novice but at least animate your movie. its not that hard infact some animation softwhere lets you animate sprites sepretly and move it across the screen so you dont have to do it frame by frame thats one of the reasons people use sprites. honestly slide shows really dont work well for this type of thing and dont work for newgrounds.

how ever i do like your story but skiping over the first part is a bad move if you wish to make an effective story you must at least start at the begining. the only other flaw is the lack of a start button its kinda nice if people can choose when to start it rather then it looping for ever.

please dont give up at this i am sorry if i sounded harsh at all but i am only trying to help you by pointing out these flaws and things to improve on. i do think you are a wonderful story writer just take what i have said to heart and i know you will improve.


I agree with the guy below me! But since your new, I won't be a complete douche bag...

MRLEGOGUY responds:

thanks....I think. I'll just work with collaborators then...


converting a movie you made with windows movie maker does not qualify as a flash movie.

MRLEGOGUY responds:

fine, I'll use pivot then. Watch my next video, it'll be better


I remember metal slug when it first came out. Nice story.

MRLEGOGUY responds:

Thanks :D

Worse than dogshit

This sucked so hard, it's obvious you used windows movie maker and not adobe flash, 2 use youtube and not Newgrounds. Not even worthy of turd of the week.

Constructive criticism so this comment wont be removed:
Download pivot > practice > download flash

MRLEGOGUY responds:

so...you've tasted dogshit then?

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Oct 1, 2011
5:22 PM EDT