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Zombie TD: Reborn

rated 3.65 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Oct 1, 2011 | 10:24 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Battle an array of zombies in this fast paced Tower Defense game! Your unique arsenal includes items such as buzz-saw shooter, flame thrower, stunning sensor tower, and more. The cast of characters includes the Hot Dead Girl, the Ghastly Invisible Zombie, and even the mysterious Project X. Use your ability to strategically place zombie blasting towers to stop them in their tracks. Do you have the zombie slaughtering skills to make it through Hell?

Have fun playing this zombie-themed tower defense game. Featuring:
* 9 upgradable towers
* 7 lurching zombies
* 3 challenging bosses
* 4 different maps
* 46 medals to win
* Well-balanced gameplay and weaponry, honed through months of testing and tweaking
* Explosions, blood, groans, bombs, bullets, and much, much more



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very good game for experienced Tower gamers

This is certainly a very hard game, though I got lvl 60 when I was in Hell Level. Although I have to mention that by lvl 57 the basic zombies were too powerful it was impossible to kill from there on. Animations were not the best, but not the worse. What's important is the gameplay and I thoroughly enjoyed it that I restarted every time I screwed up the steps to build a good defense. It would be good to have a tracker to at least allow me to see what my personal best is. Hope that'll be a improvement later on.

For the guys who cry that it's hard even in Easy: Build only one or two turrets at the start and upgrade the first front tower, as you gain more money, build around 2-3 towers before upgrading. After about 3/4 towers, I rush upgrade one tower (especially the chaingun tower, that is the best)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Game!

But a Little Hard u.u Even in Easy Mode.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

guess what?! ZOMBIES ^.^

I love a good tower defence game- it helps me kill time when I should be working but the art style is pretty dull as is the animation. Otherwise you got a nice game here.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Why not Cyborgs or smth like this but stealth zombies? Flying zombies? WTF?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

HELL Mode: "GAME OVER" Score - 77

All things considered, this is going to be a pretty generous review because there are a few things about this game that are unappreciated in their element, yet their absence would be such a noticeable flaw that it nags and disturbs the entire setting of the game! I'm here to praise the game, the maker, and the players; let's get down to it.

~Concept - Something we're all familiar and comfortable with, and always looking forward to in new looks and mechanics: the classic Tower Defense. It's a well-made engine, short and smooth learning curve, and never, ever confused me. I had fun figuring out what tower did what, and different kinds of set-ups I could make.
~Total Volume Control - This is the first and most important 'little attribute' I mentioned, complete control over audio. It's not just a Mute All button, it's both mute music and/or SFX, with clever little knobs in the options menu! It's a privilege taken for granted by most, but I appreciate and take full advantage of it!
~Variety - Not the biggest selection, but enough to keep me interested! Any sort of TD game that has more than one boss that isn't just a souped-up version of the regular types is a plus, and not only is there more than one: there's waves that incorporate all three, in DOUBLES! Always a challenge, I've yet to find a setup that kills more than three of these tricky bastards! The towers are also varied, though I leaned more towards ice and miniguns, but we'll talk about that below.
~Difficulty - all four difficulties are, without a doubt, balanced challenges. I started (naturally) with Easy, and found myself leaning on Ice and Miniguns to slow-and-mow through baddies. It was an effective strategy that brought down all but four of the final wave's six bosses. It seemed really effective, but I made the mistake of depending on it when I migrated on to Normal where the Miniguns became less effective, the starting salary was lower, and the map was harder to center a single starting gun around with enough firing range to kill enough waves and earn enough income to support itself, let alone new towers. Just goes to show: fodder cannons don't always work, and roles can rapidly change from powerhouse to support with a few minor tweaks. But this is a good thing, because it consistently encouraged me to try other towers and find my preferred niche in the towers! Also, as you probably guessed from my summary statement, Hell mode worked me over in SECONDS. Went with quantity-over-quality: BAD MOVE.

~Tilt Appeal - Despite my above comments of encouragement to try other things, I found myself only using the sentry, minigun, and ice towers extensively; the rest of the damage-inflicting towers got very little use because they didn't appeal as starting towers, and the moment when it'd be practical to apply and upgrade in due time would pass in one or two waves, often when I wouldn't even think about it. This is more of a personal issue I'm sure, but there's probably others out there who had the same problem: ignoring the other towers until it was too late to give them a fighting chance! See below CON for a potential fix.
~Lack of Alternate Modes - I was disappointed to see there were no challenge modes that handicapped your tower options (only ice and flamethrower, reverse ground-air on towers, lose 10% of unspent income per round, etc etc) that definitely could have opened up a lot of roads and expanded replayability, WHILE encouraging others to find their respective tactics and response times with all tower types. I sincerely hope to see these gamemodes in the sequel (provided there is one).
~Medals - What's the point of these if they don't sync up with actual NG medals? Seems kind of moot-point to me.

As always, a great addition to a great genre we've all become familiar and comfy with that has it's own openings for improvement and a great crowd waiting for it to step up to the plate and make its next big hit! After a few good and bad matches, I sincerely want to see a sequel. 7/10

Recovering from a flamethrower malfunction,

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