Guild Dungeons

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Wow, thanks so much for the front page NG, you guys are way too kind. ^_^

If you guys have any questions, I'll answer them. Just let me know. ^_^ There are bound to be a few typos and some bugs, just let me know if one is super bad and I'll go fix it. This is mostly just for fun, don't bang me up too bad. :P

Fixed a bug that made it so that you couldn't buy gnomes sometimes.
I've uploaded a new version, I lowered the costs of gnomes some, so that they can be used for ranged support more easily. I also fixed a few small bugs, some of the bigger ones I haven't been able to repeat yet.
I increased the trade speed a tiny bit.
I also fixed the issue of transferring men to fight. If you start to send 50, and then decide to send all, the 50 you manually sent will be lost. This is fixed in my new upload, but it might not take effect yet. So be warned.
Fixed the loot screen so that it tells you how many knights died, and how many mushrooms you bring back from missions.

Q: No save?
A: nope, as I said in the startup of the game, this was really a big learning experience. I didn't/don't know how to handle a save file for a game this big. Next time I will know how I promise, but this game was just way to big to do a proper save on. Now, your experience is saved, and it gives your extra money when you start up again. So you can easily get caught back up in just a few minutes in most cases. Sorry for this minor inconvenience, but I just didn't prepare to make a save function for this game, and it got a lot bigger than I'd originally planned. Thanks and don't get too mad please. :D

Q: There are some clipping errors on the sides?
A: NG only allows a max size of 700, and I made my game 750, so I don't know how to fix that. The flash file is being distorted some. Hopefully it won't be noticeable to all of you though, but I noticed on one of my older machines in IE. Not in firefox or chrome.

Q: Where do I get money and silver?
A: Increase your population, you tax your population, so the more people you have, the more money you make.

Q: Where do I get stone? Freaking stone!? D:
A: The best place to get stone is from dungeons. But also the mines generate stone at a steady rate.


Pretty fun game. Just a few things I feel would make things even nicer: 1. It would be nice to have a send All (ALL) for your troops, in addition to the individual send all. It would be nice to have a ledger of discovered successful spells, the player doesn't have to bust out a pad and pencil. Additionally, I found the number of henchman necessary to successfully haul an entire adventure to be somewhat ridiculous. I had 125 hechmen, 5 conscripts, 50 warriors, 10 battle masters, 20 thumpers, and 20 gnomes, and mules, and didn't come back with all the treasure, on the FIRST (easiest) quest. Otherwise, really nice game. The random events were a nice touch. This game has a ton of potential. I feel it could even be console-worthy if the scope of the game was a bit larger and there was a tighter plot.

would be nice to have an explanation how exactly this spell-thing works. i conjured a spell to make everyone able to see at night, but as the mission was finished the report said that my men "couldn't see crap". so appearently i did something wrong with the spell. however nice game. would love to see you continue it like mabye adding some kind of a story or other stuff (buildings, units, etc.).

Adding a menu on the trade screen to trade large amounts of items or even just adding an x10 or x50 button would help the gameplay a lot in my opinion, though everything else seemed to be good.

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If this was just a test game as you describe, well kinda, then it is very well done. I liked the intro explaining what it was about and I liked the whole concept of the game. I found it a bit difficult to go on adventures though :\ also another thing you may want to consider is the trade, instead of having to hold the button down how about a popup that lets you choose an amount to trade instead. It's much better for people like me who were wanting to sell several thousands of lumber for gold, all in all a great game just could use a few touch ups :) 4.5

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Awesome game, liked it very much :)

Btw Jedi981 you can press f11 on almost any web-browser to put it in a "full-screen" mode :)

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4.07 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2011
5:23 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG