Fantasy Adventure Again?

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I really wanted to create a game in which the main character was actively aware someone was telling him what to do. As a result, he somewhat resents the player. I initially wanted to create three "path" from the main screen (through the forest, mountains, and sea). However, I quickly realized the time constraints of the project would only allow me to do justice to one branch. So the mountain path is the only "choose-able" option at the map screen. In the future I would like to get back to it and finish off the other two paths. This game is a parody of serious fantasy games. Not one game or another in particular, but the genre as a whole. I hope you enjoy it and please give me any feedback you can so I can improve. I will be the first to say that there are a number of flaws, but I'm happy with what I've come up with for my first foray into adventure games.

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I actually love these choose your own adventure type stories and I appreciate the visual aspects and the audio and dialog too. Of cause it is an unfinished project and is old now, but from the little snippet I played I really enjoyed. Well done.

erm, ye, its got potential...

obviously disapointed you can only choose one path... and i picked the winning route straight away, so was suprised how quick it was over... tried the other routes to see what happend, n basically not alot lol. be better if the wrong option, lead you somewhere else, into a different dicision, making death the very last resort, if that makes sense? voice acting was funny, but obviously quality was poor, and if you clicked something twice, or 2 or more things at once, they would all play over the top of each other.

could be a good game if you spend more time and actually let it lead somewhere, also maybe put challenges in, like in the dancing bit, have a dance machine style thing were you press arrow keys at certain prompts etc.... and if you win the dance... instead of winning the game, they could give you an item, which you could combine with other items people give you in the forest and stuff after completing those areas, that eventually make into a boat, that you can use to go to the island?

kozmagre responds:

Thank you so much for your comment I agree with nearly all of what you said. The reason the functionality is limited to button presses is because I am very new to ActionScript 3 and the coding that would be involved goes over my head at the moment. But I love your ideas and I would really like to get back to this once I've learned more about coding so I can flesh out the options more and make it a bit more like a game.


nicely done
digg the whole idea of the character interacting with the player.
ending was awesome. didnt see the option coming.
Try to get the voices less fuzzy. some of the spech was hard to hear.
good work.

Freakin' genius!

This is hillarious! Having the main character resent you is such a cool twist to make this a completely unique take on the genre. I set out to get myself killed and got the coolest ending I've ever seen to a video game. I hope you re-visit it and finish all the paths.

Nice animation and well directed

I would like to see more seems rushed

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4.64 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2011
2:01 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click