9mm (Reloaded)

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*The Green light means it's ready to shoot, red means it's not*

It's just a 9mm simulator gadget. I wasn't happy with the first one I submitted so I removed it and put more features into this one. I fixed the "goofy" look of the bullets (I think) and have it so you can no longer use more bullets then you shoot no matter how fast you click. It's not perfect but I think it's closer to that iPod app I enjoyed.

Click anyway to shoot.
Left arrow to eject a bullet.
Down arrow to eject a clip.
Up arrow to load in another.

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Pretty good game very realistic and the design on this was great even had accurate sounds

can you please make next time a m249 saw simulator.

Not Bad

Although it is quite simple in design, I like the animations and the sounds of reloading, knocking the slide back, and firing sound pretty realistic. Nice work.

stretch1one responds:

Thanks ^_^, go check out the newer one, It has a shooting range


I love it, well done ^.^ a great little gadget and its fun to play with if you like guns! ^.^
(maybe the next gadget could have multiple guns? with data on each, like rpm, bullets type, ect.)

stretch1one responds:

That's a great idea ^__^ yeah, It took a while for me to get it just the way I wanted it so thank you. I think it would be very cool to have maybe a menu screen with each gun. showing a thumbnail image of the gun and then going into the screen i have now but also showing the specs of each gun, I think I'm going to go halfway with that idea because I wanted to have a shooting range simulation, so maybe I'll keep the 9mm and do a popular rifle such as the AK 47. I think the smaller I keep the project the better the end result, as im still quite new to programming. So I'll most likely just do two guns, a spec screen when your just playing with the gun like this one and then target practice with gun sway, kickback and all of that :)

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4.12 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2011
6:14 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other