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Gray Mage

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WARNING: This is my second game ever in Flash, and I'm still learning about optimizing code. Consequently, this game might be a little on the laggy side, especially on later waves. I'm very sorry about this. Please forgive me.

Alright, so it's finally done! The game that took me way too long to get to finish. Basically, it's a standard overhead-view shooter game, but with magic and orcs. Instructions can be found in-game, but for a brief summary:

- Click on the screen or use WASD to MOVE.
- Use 1-5 on the keyboard to CAST SPELLS, which have COOLDOWNS and need MANA.
- Pressing space opens the STORE MENU and PAUSES the game.
- Progress saves automatically EVERY WAVE.
- MORE SPELLS are unlocked as you level up and spend points in the talent trees.
- There are 20 waves of enemies to beat. They spawn off-screen

Click on the Instructions button for more detailed help. I think that's it. Please let me know if you find any bugs, I'll definitely fix them.

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good fun

At first i had the same problem with the spell keys being placed badly for wasd movement, but once i got into the click to move, things went very smoothly. Felt alot of WoW inspired themes which isnt bad. One thing that could be better is if the HP and Mana bars dont cover the play field. More than just a castle wall next time too would be great. Fun game :)

TehCybernerd responds:

ah, i knew someone would notice the WoW stuff. it borders on plagiarism, doesn't it? :D thanks for the review.


It's fun/addicting, but the whole game seems to go by very slowly.

I really want to like this.

This game would be such an addictive way to pass a few hours but the controls just don't do it for me. I like moving with WASD, but attacking with the number keys while trying to move with WASD is not workable, or at least not comfortable. I think moving by clicking doesn't work out too well. I'd much rather be able to move with WASD, and attack by clicking. When I could select the spells with either the number keys or with the mouse wheel. Given what a mess it is to move and attack at the same time, you take too much damage because you can't really get away from your attackers. As well, it sucks to have to restart the wave when you die. I think it'd be much better off to have a respawn option (Probably with some sort of penalty that you don't get for restarting the wave.) With some work I think this game would be more addictive than crack.

TehCybernerd responds:

yeah, i see your point. personally i like the clicking to move, but then maybe i'm just too used to it from hours upon hours of testing. i hadn't thought of the mouse wheel for spell selection though. that's an interesting idea. let's hope it gets included in the sequel.

thing about respawning mid-wave is that there are way more values to save/load. i'm tired of coding. i promise the next one will be better.