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A Guide to Photoshop CS3

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Author Comments

A guide for Photoshop! This was made for college and is going to be posted onto my Tumblr account which I use for submitting college work on, hence why I tried to make it look like Tumblr. If anyone wishes for me to add more to certain topics, just comment below and I'll try to add it in!

Also, special thanks to Kirupa for teaching me how to make scroll bars! :D

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This is a good game. Now I know more about Photoshop CS3.

iloveicelollies responds:

Not sure if novelty account or being pleasant. Thanks anyway!

Quite strange flash submmision ¡¡

Even if it is a project for school is very original. I never thought to make similar.
If author made this , He could add some characters and music , isn´t? :)

iloveicelollies responds:

The deadline was relatively tight though. I might build upon it over the coming weeks.

Pretty basic and seems unfinished, but cool

The information is pretty basic information. And it seems that it's not yet finished because the main menu has three blank spots. But it's cool that you're putting out information that could help someone else learn the program. Though wouldn't it be better to do this for a more recent release since Adobe is currently on CS 5 something? I like that it's clean looking and doesn't try to add unnecessary music or animation.

iloveicelollies responds:

I suppose. I don't think that my college has a license for CS5.1 yet though xD Thanks for the criticism!