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JomDay is so freaking awesome that it gives cats BANANAS! @u@

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A very fun flash cartoon to watch. The line quality of the artwork was a bit inconsistent, but the animation was nicely made and the ideas were very funny.

What I liked the most about this was the execution. You executed these ideas very well and the timing and pacing were spot-on.

I need to know!!!!

I can't really explain it, but I liked it.
I really got a laugh out of Sonic "singing" his theme in the beginning.

But I really need to know: what is that "No! No!!!!" from when you press play?
I know it's in my brain somewhere, but I'm not exactly sure what it's from.
Is it "Se7en"????
It's driving me insane.

Really entertaining

This was a good enjoyable piece of work I think. Liked the song at the start and what was it called anyways? Seeing as this was sticks at first I expected cruddy quality but it actually turned out to be pretty cool I think since you integrate a few other drawing styles at different times as well.

Probably the only bad thing I did not enjoy much here was the static screen parts, wouldn't it have just been easier to use a static gif instead? I digress though as it didn't take away from the quality at all.

The animation on each part was diverse and you seemed to change it up every time as well. The stick fights, the well drawn faces, the start, the intro, they were all real nice. When the dude began saying the only person to love him was someone left unnamed I wondered why the others wanted to kill him. Was still entertaining though so really nicely done there.

The music used was all great, some of the songs were good while others felt slightly unfitting but barely.

Overall, I really enjoyed this as it was rather entertaining and quite humorous at the same time. Really nice work, very enjoyable.

CooliSushi responds:

wow thanks dude! and nice comment, I loved it!

pretty funny..

It was kind of funny. bit like an acid trip, though id perfer not to take it again, honestly. some of the animation was good, some of it was...akward and choppy. oh well.


It's so crapy...so bad drawn....but...wtf? 5/5 and 8/10)))))))))))))