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Play against others or alone in our match 3 puzzle game. If you like Bejeweled, we think you'll like our multiplayer spin on the match 3 genre. If you're logged into OMGPOP (Optional) you can earn achievements and work your way up the leaderboards.

Thank you to everyone who enjoys the game and rates it a 5! You guys rock.

Feel free to comment below with your high score!

We put a lot of time into polishing the gameplay, we hope you notice!

To play, just drag the pieces so that they match 3 or more in a row. Multipliers that increase your score for the rest of the game can be obtained if you get some great chains. There are also time bonuses that appear, but for the most part, just get as high a score as you can before the time is up.

We hope you enjoy it!


Okay, I'm going to give credit where it's due. OMGPop, you're prolly not gonna be happy with this, but I'm gonna be blunt about everything I've been through when I played this game.

For starters, here's the good side: it IS the most addictive Bejeweled-style game there is out there (in fact, MUCH more addictive than Bejeweled itself!). I like the achievement system, the multiplayer options, and the adding of shuffles after every 20 games. I might come to a point where I have too many shuffles that I don't know what to do with them, but hey, it's always good to maintain them.

And this is where the fun stops, unfortunately. Because here comes the bad news.

The game is really, really buggy. Not all the time, but I have come across these bugs in several plays of this game. You have bugs where

1) the match-5 gem doesn't take out ALL the Swapplets of one particular colour, but only half,

2) the Swapplets don't drop in their position leaving an empty space where nothing can be done about it until the Final Swapdown,

3) Swapplets of similar colours just can't be matched at all because the game glitches it,

4) this is the most common bug that people have been facing, and I know I'm not alone: at Final Swapdown, the charged and shimmery Swapplets just stay there and don't do anything, hindering other people's progress, essentially forcing them to quit the game and start over. It is especially frustrating when you are about to beat your high score by a good 10,000 more than your previous one, and you get tricked out by this stupid bug that you literally lose all your progress.

If my computer were built for video gaming like Chuggaaconroy's, I'd make a Let's Play of this and actually SHOW to everyone all the bugs I've encountered, and I'll be dang sure to run into them.

So: really good game, really addictive, but seriously, check the programming. >_<

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OMGPOP, I love the games you make. Some games you make is a reference to some other game that people made already.

By the way, this game is a Bejewel reference.

of course the rate should be hundred percent very good game....OMGPOP best site to hangout.


Once again, OMGPOP just made another lovable and fun game. Swapples is fun and quick and yet very challenging game. People in all ages will have fun playing this but will test their fast eyes, fingers, and mind.

I prefer people who wants to play this game to play it in OMGPOP.COM so register for an account now and play more other cool and fun games like POOL, Draw My Thing, and SKYPIGS.

A great multiplayer puzzle game.

Once again, the good people at omgpop bring the goods. It's a good bejweled clone with a lot of great twists and surprises.

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3.92 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2011
12:10 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding