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Submission for the Image Processing challenge at dbfinteractive.com demoscene forums. This demo reconstructs a picture from various primitive shapes. Artifacts gallore!

Click to switch between text, logo and webcam.
Use Left / Right arrow keys to change shapes.
Use Up / Down arrow keys to change shape size.
Space to change between 3 blendmode (works best for webcam and logo).

Be sure to check out the webcam effects, notice how the sound reacts to your movement!

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This could have potential

This game certainly is different and has potential, but I fail to see why it needs access to my camera or microphone.

Kirl responds:

Hmz, it's not actually game, it's a demo. The entire point of this is in fact the graphical FX for the webcam. If you don't allow it, there's nothing really interesting to see. The logo & text FX are only for those without a cam, but they'll miss out on the main FX unfortunatly...

Click twice to switch to webcam, but be sure to allow it first!