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Leila And The Magic Ball

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Author Comments

Leila And The Magic Ball is a unique platformer featuring Leila and her magic ball, she can interact with the ball in many ways including using it to smash things and to fly... it can even get her into space if you climb high enough!

Please give the game a good play, there is a lot more to the game than the first 2 cutesy levels, including things like basketball courts and dark LIMBO like levels.

MOVE: Left & Right or A & D
JUMP: Up or W or Space
LOOK DOWN: Down or S
CALL / THROW the Magic Ball: X or N (more power the longer you hold)

**** UPDATE ****

Thanks for your reviews, Its great to get some feedback. The game is turning out to be a bit of a weird one, when people give it a chance they seem to love it. This Isn't being reflected by a high amount of plays though, i guess my choice of theme was a bad one!

Maybe if the theme was a boy with a machine gun and some hand grenades, it would have taken over the internet!

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glitch or is this supposed to happen?

hoyl the x or n button to call the ball to yourself.....and then keep jumping on the ball and u can get to space and just float around.....sont noe wat the point is but u can!

PaulGene responds:

Its supposed to happen, I tried to add lots of little extras for people to find, this has turned into the most talked about thing in the game!

love it!

I loved it and all the jerkasses who hate it should like it!


leila and the epic ball, nice game

awesome but

the control is kind of hard but i gaeve 10/10

:) :)

i enjoy the game a lot, it has a very cool gameplay
i didnt stop playing by the theme (im not a fag)
your game could be played by anyone and loved by anyone