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Well finally after 1 year of working on this, im finally able to share to newgrounds my latest and currently best creation.

this will not be possible without the help of tomfulp, because at first the filesize of the swf was 46mb, and tom was kind enough to optimize and reduce the size of my file, he was doing a job i was supposed to be doing, and he helped me change the audio of my work to avoid copyright issues. So Thank you Tom Fulp! Long live you and Newgrounds :D

anyways. I also wanna thank my family, my friends and my girlfriend for supporting me with this.

And lastly i dedicate this work to my grandmother who is fighting cancer. Beat that cancer's ass grandma!

anyways.. i hope you enjoy the product of my blood sweat and tears.. without further adue, Demigods ladies and gentlemen. :D

also theres a secret charcter in the intro. if you found him then your freaking awesome

Dang son! Front page!! well this is my first time so forgive me for my joy. Im very happy for the fp i feel like my year of work finally paid off.

all i can say is thank you to the people who is watching my animations, to you guys who are supporting me. Most of all thank you Tom Fulp for helping me out with this. I wouldnt be able to share my work to people. if it wasnt for you

Also thanks for the comments guys :D



Sooooo yeah

How many people have seen the castle crasher in the intro so far?

probably not the first to say but, GOD OF WAR III

seriously, fun, but Kratos vs Poseidon all over again

Garados! Use Hyperbeam!!!!

ha ha just kidding, pretty good, love mythology but I would prefer to see some unique abilities and not just a generic anime person, felt like it was well intended but at some points it just seemed to drag on. I felt like you were making your point by repetition instead of allowing us to come to it ourselves. That being said it was a lot better than what I could do! KEEP GOING you have a bright future ahead!

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wow I dont know what this guy below me smoked, but you have no taste.
and why the hell do you guys keep mentioning about zeus poseidon and god of war, devil may cry and any other stories? it doesnt mean that if the godking has a beard, is old, powerful and has water powers definitly make him zeus poseidon or any character that reminds you of him. stop being stereotypical and effing enjoy the show mates.

Regarding the movie. it was pretty epic man! favorited 5'd and 10/10

though i agree with JoeQuabla, the run loop was repeatedly used. but it doesnt matter to me much coz it looks alright and its done by many animators! for me thats the only flaw which doesnt even matter since most of the movie's scenes, dynamic angles and awesome action makes up for it.

just do whatever your doing man! dont let some of this haters get you down. as they say haters gon hate and you cant please everyone!



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javarush214 responds:

you must be reffering to the guy below terry XD
anyways i appreciate how you back up my animation and also thanks for the comment man. ill try to fix that running thing since thats what others are talking about most.

Percy Jackson the ORIGINAL Pitch!

I like how you made Poseidon the God King in this and didn't go with Zeus. At first I thought it WAS Zeus and was wondering why he had Poseidon's trident, but then all the things with the water and sea serpent, I got it.

You could really go more into this. Like saying Poseidon won the drawing in this universe, or got fed up with Zeus's shit and overthrew him. Could throw Hades in for something. Like Either Hades or Chiron trained the demigod in this, and expand on him a bit more. Definitely not Percy Jackson or Theses.

Only real fault I could find was there was no singing. Everyone LOVES fight music, but they like the lyrics too.

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javarush214 responds:

yeah forgive me for that, i had to change the main music of the fight animation in a rush, because of the copyright. so yeah. anyways i appreciate your comment man :)

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Sep 26, 2011
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