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Author Comments

Well finally after 1 year of working on this, im finally able to share to newgrounds my latest and currently best creation.

this will not be possible without the help of tomfulp, because at first the filesize of the swf was 46mb, and tom was kind enough to optimize and reduce the size of my file, he was doing a job i was supposed to be doing, and he helped me change the audio of my work to avoid copyright issues. So Thank you Tom Fulp! Long live you and Newgrounds :D

anyways. I also wanna thank my family, my friends and my girlfriend for supporting me with this.

And lastly i dedicate this work to my grandmother who is fighting cancer. Beat that cancer's ass grandma!

anyways.. i hope you enjoy the product of my blood sweat and tears.. without further adue, Demigods ladies and gentlemen. :D

also theres a secret charcter in the intro. if you found him then your freaking awesome

Dang son! Front page!! well this is my first time so forgive me for my joy. Im very happy for the fp i feel like my year of work finally paid off.

all i can say is thank you to the people who is watching my animations, to you guys who are supporting me. Most of all thank you Tom Fulp for helping me out with this. I wouldnt be able to share my work to people. if it wasnt for you

Also thanks for the comments guys :D



I wouldn't say it at the begining, but...

nice video, nice music and that's a moce polearm too!

Awesome Work

Very Good Animation,Every thing looked and was neat.The only Issue is like CaptAcid said was the music,It's like too much rock you could have changed it at least in the beginning.

We Expect more work from you soon.

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Awesome animation

You did a fantastic job with the animation there is no doubt about it. Visually, it was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, it seemed to lack in other departments.

Creating a fight like this for the sake of it will only ever have so much potential. There was some basic story thrown in. You took an original story and added your own slight twist to it. I wasnt sure what the idea behind it was, changing it so slightly that it doesnt really make a difference. I think the story lays the foundation for context in an epic dual such as this. What you had was adequate but I think in the future you should conisder expanding it some. You definately have the skills to make something epic, so why sell it short?

The biggest issue I had was with the music choice. Very bland, generic rock music (even within the boundries of personal preference). I didnt even really notice it much so while it did not detract from the mood, it certainly did not anything either.

Having said all that, I did enjoy the one twist regarding the "creature" he fights. Didnt see it coming. I think you put forth a fantastic effort and achieved something good. But I think you can make something great :)

Good luck in future flashes!

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Amazing Animation.

This animation is really awesome but some parts did seem a lil repeditive. The animation was so epic that towards the end the blue error screen popped up. I'm mad that it did though. Other than that, you got skillz man.

Nice Work

This is just like a dragon ball saga

Bad Guy rises and kill everyone
Good Guy survives
Good Guy trains to kill Bad Guy
He wins, but wait, turns out that he killed only one of the Bad Guy's parts.
Real Bad Guy beats the crap out of the Good Guy
Good Guy becomes Super Good Guy

genki dama


Btw, isn't that the tale of Cronus, father of Zeus (check Wiki)?


Good Job.

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2011
1:52 PM EDT