Funky Stick Fight 3

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Edit: Wow I got on the frontpage on newgrounds! Really pleasant surprise, thanks!

Hey it's been a while. I'm a little rusty, but I think I've still got it.Unforunately this is not the epic comeback I had planned. This is very likely to be the last submission you will see from me in a very long time. I only pushed myself to finish this to make up for my lack of will to make anything else.

I no longer have that same level of enjoyment I experienced when I first stumbled onto animation, and even taking a hiatus has not helped my discontent. Maybe in the future my burnt out passion will be relit and then I shall truly make the comeback I can only dream of.


this brings a new meaning to the words...dance battle

Short but sweet

While a percentage of stickfights are either random or serious, this is a nice balance between the two. It's like Terkoiz (his less serious shorts) meets Saturday Night Fever meets Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer) but with the least amount of violence as possible.

Don't mind what others say about the glitchy animation. I didn't see any 'unsmooth' animations; the frames themselves where too fluid for that to be true. The characters' jumpy and/or jagged movements added to the "funkiness" of the action: Like throwing poses.

The music-action synchronicity really added to the overall effect.

Because of the intended nature of this work I cannot find anything "wrong" with it. It is a very good piece, and I wouldn't mind watching a lengthier version of it.

PS: The reflected AND usable *Play* button was a nice touch.

hikuihito responds:

Much love! Thank you brother

Oh wow!

That was by far, one of the most epic stick-fights I have seen. xD

hikuihito responds:

Thanks man!

nice work bro

funny, awkward and cool. keep doin teh gud wörk bro B)

hikuihito responds:

Haha thank you


And honestly, the fighting matched the theme. It seemed more like a slap fight than an all out brawl, but when you're getting funky there's not much room for blood and gore. Awesome, though, really solid animating! I was afraid for a second there, with the beginning tweening, but it was really cool ('specially the rainbows). Keep up the funk!

hikuihito responds:

Thanks man!

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4.15 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2011
11:11 AM EDT