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Odd Ducks

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Remove every single cat or cat like block from the screen but save the ducks. This is a Red Remover inspired game but with a way more relaxing gameplay. It's cute, it's fun, but is it that easy? Check it out and have fun...

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I really enjoyed this. Thanks for crediting Red Remover as the inspiration :) A lot of people have copied my game almost verbatim but this game is different. You have some nice new ideas and a fresh approach to puzzles that makes this definitely worth a play.

cruzader responds:

Wooooow GAZ!

Your comment is very appreciated as you are the master of Red Remover!
And yes you're right - there are too many plain copies of your game out there. I definitley was inspired by your fantastic game but I wanted to put my very own style and feel to it. And it looks that people like it a lot...

thanks dude


WoAh DuDe ThIs GaMe Is LiKe SoMe MaJoR MiRaClAge.

PlUs It HaS dUcKs.

hOnK hOnK hOnK. }:o)

cruzader responds:

You're a triumph duck! :o)


Nice work very relaxing music.

cruzader responds:

Uhhh - I love comments like yours... ;o)


I liked it. Sorta like red remover, but that has already been said. Nothing wrong with rehashing an old concept so long as you do it correctly and make it just as, if not more, fun.

cruzader responds:

Wow - kind words sir. That sweets up my hard work... ;)

thanks for commenting.


9 for game play and graphics but take away 3 for lack of originality. It's basically just Gaz Thomas' red remover but with ducks and cats

cruzader responds:

Hey Jamie,

thanks for voting and commenting. It's indeed heavily based on Red remover - but - if you play 'em both for a while, they feel quite different. Anyway - I appreciate your feedback a lot.