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SuperCow & Captain Walrus

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Wow. What a ride this has been.

Though this flash probably could have been done in 3-4 months time, I started animating this back in August of 2009. Through procrastination, problems with the flash, and life getting in the way, I have finally finished! Because of me starting in late '09, you can actually see the character design for Super Cow somewhat evolve throughout the episode. It's unintentional, but I guess I kept it to remind myself of how weird Super Cow was going to look before I changed him ahaha
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Super Cow and Captain Walrus Episode 1.

First and foremost I would just like to thank all my voice actors and my music maker for their work put into this, and for not just saying "Fuck it, he's not going to finish" and quitting out. You guys are awesome.

I'd also like to thank some of my friends for their help motivating me throughout this thing...and by motivate I really just mean that they kept asking "when is it going to come out?". But hey, nonetheless it's good to know people actually wanted to see it.

Now that that stuff is out of the way, let's talk about the movie...
Super Cow and Captain Walrus are the unheard of Super Heroes of the city of Placeville. Time and time again, they try to stop crime in it's tracks but are always beaten to it by the local Power Rangers. Frustration sets in and Super Cow is about to give up when suddenly the Rangers are captured by a new, devious villain by the name of "Doctor Beaver".
With the local Super Heroes gone, it's up to Super Cow and Captain Walrus to defeat Dr. Beaver, save the Power Rangers and become the new heroes of the city.

What will happen along the way? Will Super Cow and Captain Walrus succeed? Watch the damn movie and you'll find out.


Fixed the Menu button at the end of the movie among other things

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Loved the story line and the animations. I know how long this took you.... im a creeper :D cant wait for part II