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Submission for the destruction challenge on the www.dbfinteractive.com demoscene forums.
It was voted 1st place! :)

There's a cool little easteregg in there too, with patience you will find it.

For more interesting games and demo's check out www.kirl.nl!

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Addictive demo! I want more!

Exceptionally well made demo. This has great potential to become a very addictive game. Add in a storyline, levels, different ball types (exploding, water, snake, etc), maybe some enemy's and boss levels and this can become a great little money-maker for you. I can see this as a popular game app on the I-Phone or Android platforms.

Just the little you have here is addictive, imagine what a full game could be?

Keep up the great work!

Kirl responds:

Thanks for your encouraging review dude, my focus already shifted on to other projects but your review made me reconsider...

Great demo

The game seems like an interesting twist to the usual "use the platform to destroy the block things"-eque game type. It's colour scheme and powerup(s?) are cool, to say the least.

My one problem with it was that, after awhile, it got quite boring. However I'm going to assume that will be fixed later on.

Can't wait for the full game to come out!


Kirl responds:

Thanks, it can be a little bit boring because it was made as a tech demo, not really a game. I will pobably make this into a game eventually though.


I gave you half because it's awesome and there's lacking. Stages and some difficulties might be awesome to go with this.

Kirl responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Not bad I guess..

I just wish you had more levels,
One thing I really liked was the particle effects, I liked the fire effect and how the ball glows with this power up. Btw nice easteregg, I liked it ;)

Kirl responds:



I fucking hate pong and I also hate rating this with high marks because its good. Move your authoring into a more pleasurable genera.

Kirl responds:

You can not hate pong, the first video game ever! That's like a crime against gamer kind or something...

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2.71 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2011
8:48 PM EDT
Action - Other