Scribble Crawler

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Scribble Crawler features funny scribble graphics and a challenging gameplay concept.
Drive fast, but make sure you release the throttle in time, because you will get a penalty for jumping.
Finish the Cup, consisting of 4 stages, as fast as possible with one of the 4 possible trucks!

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I have to agree that although a no-jumps game is original, it also isn't very fun. Moreover, and why I stopped playing the game, was the adverts that you put between each level. Not worth it, and a bit offensive to the senses of people playing. The game itself was not difficult, the graphics were not really interesting or overly special. I think often people get hung up on how original something is, honestly I would rather play something that is unoriginal yet really fun, than something that is very original but not very fun. Just a thought.

Overall, i would suggest the following:

1) Don't loop the track, it kind of kills any fun that there is in the game.
2) Kill the ads, one during the load is all you need. If you add too many of them people will click, but not what you are trying to get them to click (i.e. they will click the little x in the corner that closes it, and they will be more likely to click closer to a 0 than to a 5.
3) Reconsider your strategy. Try making no-jumping an achievement rather than a goal for the game. It doesn't hold. You should consider cutting the loss of momentum when you go air born, Even in a game where you aren't supposed to jump that is kind of ridiculous.
4) No, really kill the ads, because this game just doesn't have enough to it to make most people set through 5 ads to play a 4 level game (which consists of looped levels).

Overall not very good, you could do something positive with it, but you will need to remake/rethink the game to get it where it really needs to be. Remember, original doesn't always correlate to good.

0/5 2/10

Keep trying

Why in the.....

heck would you make a game that has major hills that are screaming to be jumped with baja looking vehicles and then penalize people for jumping them? Im glad you are being a little bit different, scribble graphics and rules that are "no jumping" so it makes the player haft to drive like an old fart is different and all, but no jumping when you put hills to be jumped, is like getting a trampoline for a kid and beating him/her while screaming "no jumping for you" cause they jumped on it is just asinine.


levels too long and too easy!

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Sep 25, 2011
5:49 PM EDT
Sports - Racing