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Play through 16 levels and escape the *pause for effect* GENERIC CAVE OF EVIL :o.
But in all seriousness, thick gooey seriousness... I spent alot of time on this game and hope you enjoyed playing it. thanks a million. PLEASE NOTE that I know there is a massive glitch at the end where you cannot win. I am fixing this now. Please don't hate me.

Some of the issues you guys have mentioned include the fact that he flips over and he can latch on yo walls. Now He flips over because of a "Gravity Glitch" this is mainly because of the sheer size of the character. He is so tiny the gravity couldn't balance him. The latching onto the walls thing has alot to do with another TILE glitch, I could actually fix this but when I played it I found that it was helpful in some of the scenes as well as the fact that in some places it makes it possible to recover from small falls. so I left that in.

As for the issue of there being a lack of danger and enemies. I actually had zombies programmed into the game but ended up unusing them because they were so small that just touching them killed them. I may add some sort of larger enemy in a future update but for now I will leave it as it is.

As for story and goals I am only learning the work of Stencyl and I am unaware how to add cutscenes. BUT there is a goal and that simply is to escape.
Finally I would like to thank you for your messages. This game has been a great learning experience and has helped alon in my future projects. The point of an
"Effing -insert genre here-" is to make fun of a certain genre like "Effing Zombies" or "Effing SideScrollers". Thanks again and I would understand if you blam this. I am just happy to have made this and put it out there. I had a lot of fun.

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the player actor is funny.

sry i can't like it :/

DKC1011 responds:

Well that's ok sir. This was my very first game in this program, and since then (Shit, it's been a year? 0_o) I have learned quite a bit from experimenting. Een though this game is terrible, and I mean it, fucking terrible, I still appreciate your trying it out. Be sure to stick around for something half decent in the future :)

how can he live that long of a fall does he have the boots of jack or is he cellos brother?

DKC1011 responds:

He is a bad-ass loose cannon who is living on the edge :P

a decent game

you have some great basic platforming but the charachter glitches sometimes. other than the charachter glitch it is a good game.

DKC1011 responds:

Thanks. I am planning more games, I just need to put some more thought into how to make them, My ideas are all to grandios and i amn't a good enough programmer yet to make them, thanks for the feedback :)

Its OK

But sometime the player like... flips over and starts running on his head/back/stomach... Fix that...
Sooo... Make him run with his feet and the game will be better :)

And put back the Zombies :D

DKC1011 responds:

Hey Carr77!. Thanks for your message. I have adressed the issue you mentioned several times but as I said it is unfixable unless I redo the entire main character, Alot of the scenes require him to be as small as he is so I am afraid to say I can't fix that. but in a future patch I will re add zombies and maybe add a run and gun aspect to break up the platforming segment.

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3.46 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2011
1:43 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
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