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Steampack - Kids Edition

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KIDS EDITION - simpler controls (less gravity, smoother jetpack)

Every gentlemen knows that money doesn't grow on trees !! In fact, money grows near sky islands ! PIck up your steam jetpack and go collect money and rubies in the sky ! :)


I had fun! :D

All these flaws that other people seem to be pointing out are just their bad playing IMO, haha. (no offense, everyone)

I managed to get every single coin, with the exception of the last level, BUT believe me I tried!

It might just be me but I actually like the difficulty applied here, and I happen to enjoy games that like to kill me, haha.

So yes, props to you and all that, I liked the game, but perhaps you could create a BABY edition for everyone complaining, eh? ;)

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This is awesome

I am a 9th grade guy but i always have liked this old school games, in fact i have a gba with multigames, i mean like nes games and atari games just that you play them in the gba and i play with it every day in school with my friends games like adventure island, challenger, donkey kong sometimes even tetris so when i play this game it makes me feel like im playin something new but yet with the retro style so its awesome 10/10 to this, srsly this is an awesome game

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vartagh responds:

thanks a lot :) you made me smile :)


A great challenge to collect all coins and really good music! I luv you :D

Awesome game! just one thing

What is the name and artist of the song?!?!?!?! keep up the good work!

Controls seem fine to me o_o

Giving this a 5/5 to offset the low scores from the folks with poor hand eye coordination and or gimp hands.

The game is simple and fun. Reminiscent of classic NES games like another reviewer said. The controls are obvious and not that difficult. Yet another case of people who fail bringing a game down because of their lack of skill/coordination.

Kids these days, they want everything handed to them. Thank you vartagh for releasing a game that requires at least SOME skill.

vartagh responds:

thank you RoMeJo for you very very kind and cool review :)

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3.49 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2011
7:44 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle