Sasuke vs Ichigo pt.1

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If you say this is crappy I agree with you because I'm still kinda of new at this. Plus if you say it has illegal stuff I don't care just shut up. Just tell me what you think leave comments, rate, and give any Ideas in pt. 2 I mite even put in into consideration.



Nothing new, really. I'll just go over a few things that stood out about it:

1.) Stock sound effects. When watching this, I noticed that the sound effects were rather generic, and didn't really match what was happening very well.

2.) Sasuke vs. Ichigo isn't exactly an original fight, and I'm not seeing any real reason for it to happen.

3.) Abuse of hit flash: I couldn't really get a sense of the action from the animation, here.

4.) Lack of any real action: Let's see if I have the scenes right:
a.) Ichigo runs and jumps down to a beach.
b.) Sasuke attacks, Ichigo blocks.
c.) Ichigo powers up, then attacks, Sasuke dodges.
d.) Sasuke kicks Ichigo, then performs a multiple slash effect.
e.) Ichigo lands, and enters hollowfied bankai.
f.) End of movie.

Not a lot of action, there, with three attacks (four if you count the kick and slash as separate attacks) actually occurring, two power-ups (I'm not even sure what the first one was for...), and the only major attack being represented by slashes on a black screen.

I suppose the biggest piece of advice that I can give is this:

Take your time animating it. Plan out what you want to do, then work on each piece of it. As it stands, the concept is un-interesting. This should be improved, otherwise you won't have a good animation no matter how good you make it. After that, figure out how you want to do it. After that, work out how to make the animation interesting, say by showing the attacks rather than cutting to a black screen with lines on it.

In short, the animation is poor, as is the concept. I'm giving this a one only because I've given zeroes to "animations" worse than this, and don't feel that it would be fair to compare the two.

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TheLightning responds:

Thanks, Animating with sprites is new to me plus I really wanted to finish the animation but I rushed a little to fast.

Not an Anime Lover..

I'm not much of an anime lover . . Actually i hate both characters you used . . But for the review i'd tell you to improve a little on the action . . As in put a lil more movement . . And you should work on the sound too . .

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please this can even be for everyone well i don't want ot write a huge ass review now so i'll just tell you this
improve the sound quality polish you're skills and do more original stuff
good luck on the future

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I've seen worse.

Your FPS or your sprites are very slow. I see what you are trying to do with the effects but you should either improve your special effects or use sprite effects. The transition of your background is dreadful. I would complain about lack of story but most sprite fights don't have one, I am honestly tired of seeing these stupid crossovers. Bleach X Naruto and Mario X Sonic are getting very tiring. Not to mention that this is a little less than a fight, a kick and sword swipes followed by the opponent powering up doesn't make a fight, maybe in Otaku world. Also try and give some credit to the stuff you used bro, It isn't fair that you used somebody's work and didn't even give them credit.

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@_@ confused

its ok, but the sound didnt work for me, didn't really understand what was happening. take your time with next, run multiple animation tests. you'll see what needs to be fixed. what i'm curious about is, are you just trying to make a fight scene and/or have a story line. practice [ractice practice practice.

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