Meme Bandit

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Fun slot machine that uses Internet meme's instead of fruit.. each win plays the meme as an audio.

great fun gambling on which meme you will hear next!

Built in the pub whilst waiting for my daughter one night... kinda glad I had the laptop with me now :-P

Feedback I'm getting seems to point to people expecting way more than what this upload was intended as..

May I just clear up this was made in a couple hours, whilst drinking beer in a pub, whilst I was waiting for my daughter who was attending a weekly social event.

As far as I'm concerned the time spent building it has more than paid for itself... by putting a smile on my kids face and keeping them quiet whilst they played it so I could drink another beer. :-D

So thanks for your reviews and ratings whether you rated high or low.. :-D




I dont understand when I can hold and when I cant. It seems random or just broke.

derekobrien responds:

Thanks for feedback :-)

Yeah the game logic is very simple.. so holds are just randomly given except no holds after a win!


I liked it

It's slots, I dont understand what more interactivity people want.

derekobrien responds:

Thanks for feedback :-)

Everyone has their own expectations to how interactive and engaging a game should be.. for a two hour build I wasn't expecting much in the terms of getting EA Games contract deal... but hey ho.. :-P



What is the point of this so called game? It seems very pointless. Whenever you get falcon punch it prevents you from selecting different slots to hold. While it may be cool to listen to a short piece of the meme's this is too late in its coming. It should have came out much sooner. Like when Tosh.O came out would have been a good time but now it just feels too late. Which is why you are only getting 5 out of ten stars.
Now if it was altered versions of this memes your score would have been higher. Please try again.

derekobrien responds:

Thanks for feedback :-)

read response below for Relka96.. but yeah it was never an attempt to jump on a bandwagon but me playing with Flash IDE for first time in over 3 years as I spend way too much time in Flash Builder or FDT building boring commercial stuff for businesses or teaching programming at the local college.


I dont like it.

Its the same thing all over again every time, you only win with luck, you need to make a game with interactions, no jus press some buttons and thats it, this looks like a video.

derekobrien responds:

Thanks for feedback :-)

No video though, the game was thrown together with little thought over a couple of pints in the pub. Only published it coz my kids liked it and thought i'd share.

So yeah it's not an in-depth game but more a time waster.


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2.79 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2011
1:56 PM EDT
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