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NewGrounds Reality

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Author Comments

This is the third installment ehot Reality Series, and this time we're taking a holf of NewGrounds and all it's "glory" Hope you enjoy!

To check otu more from diamondarmada visit www.diamondarmada.co.uk

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This is Newgrounds.com in a nutshell. Also that red-haired guy does know you can pretty must masterbate if you look up MLP with the amount of porn on there.(Which I hate.) The first time I searched that TV show up, I was like: "What the F___?" . Also video the red-haired guy made was Newgrounds.com's Video portal in a nutshell. Same thing with that other dork's audio is just the audio portal in a cocoanutshell.

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8.

This movie flew WAY to far under the radar. Hell I didn't even notice it until you told me.

Seriously this should get into like the Newgrounds Parodies page or something. Hell why didn't this get front page? Yeah Newgrounds works in mysterious ways sometimes. Still I did enjoy this as much as the other Reality series. Since the recent fourth one I wonder if this going to be an ongoing series. I'm hoping you either Make Twitter reality or Facebook Reality 2. I mean since Facebook Reality there is still much more stupid crap that has happened to Facebook since then.

Anyway keep it coming Mr.Ryan

Dude keep em comin! lol