Short: Declaration

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Happy late Madness Day 2011! :3
Please vote 5 and for Madness Day 2011 collection If you could be so kind :P

Special Thanks to:
Gabriel Barch

FPS: 30
1800 Frames

Third daily award,
Madness day collection, you guys are awesome!! :D



That is so funny.

Hope you gonna make more of this :D

I was one of the first 200 people to watch this(I had no account back then though so i couldnt vote or review) and i loved it. The animation was smooth and fluent. The zombies reacted nicely, they would always open their mouth and motion their hands towards the hero. The music fit the dark tone of the animation perfectly. My fav. part was when the Kamikaze/Advanced Zombie came in. He gave me a feeling of Nemesis from RE3. Freaky, Ugly, and badass. The only thing i didn't like was the ending, even though it was a joke, and you only had 4 other people put sprites in, so there wasn't really that much of a purpose. Nevertheless, it was great.

Everything was good until that end, it seemed childish and stupid, even if everyone else thinks its funny I just dont see it.

you my friend is hilarouse

i never would of guest a fake kami bomb like who does that stuff anymore that was awesome i also like the good animation very smooth and it was just Epic.

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Not bad

I guess I'm just so used to Madness flashes being longer, I didn't like this as much as most people. The coolest thing about this is probably when you show the dancing at the end. It's always sweet to see different designs with these characters. In case anybody is wondering, the body count is eleven. Then again, I'm not sure what the end of the cartoon was supposed to mean, so it might be thirteen. That has to be the zombie to set the record for most headshots survived.

The sounds and everything else are quite authentic to the Madness series. The animation is on part with most other tributes. I do wish that you would have done something with the trollface. I would have liked to see that guy be killed, because he's a troll! I like how the backgrounds have different shades, if that's even what you can call them.

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4.42 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2011
6:35 AM EDT