The King's League

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On A Battle Row 5 Points

Win 10 battles.

Quint-o-quest 5 Points

Complete 5 quests

Alakazam 10 Points

Recruited the unique Wizard.

All Hail The King! 10 Points

Win the game.

Blessings Abundant 10 Points

Recruited the unique Cleric.

Bullseye 10 Points

Recruited the unique Sniper.

Midnight Strength 10 Points

Recruited the unique Black Knight.

Mighty Crusader 10 Points

Recruited the unique Crusader.

SSSuper! 25 Points

Obtain rank SSS. (Your rank will be shown when you win the league)

Talent Magnet 25 Points

Recruit all 5 unique characters.

Author Comments

Dear gamers,

It has come to our knowledge that The King's League has been uploaded beforehand without our permission on another account that does not belong to us.

The King's League is fully created and owned by Kurechii - and this is our first release of the game on Newgrounds.

Do continue to support our game here, even if you have played it on somewhere else!

Much thanks,

Kurestal Kingdom has prospered under the diligent reign of its King. However, the current King is already old of age - and has no heir. His Majesty has hence declared a league - The King's League - that whoever emerges champion will be eligible to battle him and ascend his throne.

Change Log v1.43
1. The option to Surrender will available if the battle lasts longer than 30 seconds.
2. The option to start the game with or without sound has been added.
3. Minor spelling corrections.
4. Minor bugs fixed.

If you have any suggestions or feed back, do mention it in the comments. We highly appreciate your response and do read every single comment posted!
Be the first to know if we are developing a sequel for The King's League - follow us on Twitter @kurechii or over at facebook.com/kurechii.


Has potential

Pretty much train to win, unsure what to do after beating all cities and the tournament other than the king appearing. Can only keep training to raise the highscore.

Fun otherwise.
I'd try adding more team mates (with a minimum of 6). Had 1 champ, 1 rare wizard guy, knight(with the polearm) and bowman. pretty much win everything.
Also joining the first tournament was hella hard to win (but got 3rd).

Maybe add a choice to train before joining? the tutorial lead me to join it, without knowing how strong the enemies are around the end of the tourny.

hard to understand at first,,,,,,

then once uve got the hang of it. it is nice! :)

Definitely a top game

Unfortunately you lost a point because there's a bug that I exploited by pure accident. You get two reports on your monthly bills and income if the moment you get one you start a quest. You'll lose/gain double, lose in my case because I had the Crusader, the Priest, the Sniper, and the Black Knight all in a party. My monthly expenditure was obscene just for them being lvl 4 or 5 across the board. I wound up not being able to gain money because of this bug, so I couldn't conquer the last territory.

Other than that, this was amazingly fun. Hard to do, took me three seasons because I couldn't figure out why one archer was stronger than all my swordsmen combined, but I figured it out and when I got my uniques I started rocking the boat.


I thought newgrounds hated armaor games

10/10 stars

excellent game
1st season is tough on the first try but once you get the right combination going it gets pretty easy. Still has replayability though. Just needs to be expanded with a few more options most of which has already been said. Very good game I applaud Kurechii.

Rating: SSS
W28 - L2

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Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2011
4:53 AM EDT
Simulation - Other