Zombi Attack

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You are attacked by a horde of monsters from underworld. Once again, you will have to gather resources to create and upgrade units and defend your country.


Worked just fine for me, nice little spin beyond just a little tower defence. Lost a star for double click select being clunky, could it just select like units instead of "area"? Made it harder to control groups different unit types.

I kill enemy with 2 peasants, then i get a white screen with gui and after reloading the page I need to pass tutorials again.. I've tried to pass it 2 times, so it cant be random error :(

I can't get past the tutorial

kor6k responds:

Could you give me a little more informations? The tutorial should end when you kill the enemy with 2 peasants.

i dont know if this only me or some have same problem
after funush the tutorial the screen become blank
the music still play and i cant continue play si 2.5/5 i try it was good game ^_^

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Are teh being a grammar nazi is constructive criticism?
As you may notice, If you count, there are about 4 commas in each sentence in the intro, the story, and the tutorial, and the more, which isn't very good usage, i think... pero, no me gusta ingrish. have sum1 look at your next script.
Try saying it out loud :)

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4.27 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2011
2:45 AM EDT
Strategy - Other