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Tankmen: Battle 3

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Blam-worthy 10 Points

Complete Act 1.

Cannon Fodder 10 Points

Reach Level 5.

The Fallen 10 Points

Complete Act 2.

Above, But Not Beyond 25 Points

Reach Level 10.

Save-worthy 25 Points

Complete Act 3.

The Creator's Wrath 25 Points

Complete Act 4.

Honorable 50 Points

Reach Level 25.

Legend 100 Points

Reach Level 50.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Sorry for being so late everyone, I was meaning to get it out earlier, but I ran into a group of bugs that I needed to work out first. Most should be gone, but I'm sure there are more - please let me know if you see any bugs or issues that should be fixed.

So this is it - a huge step up from the last game, this is Tankmen: Battle 3 - Madness Day. Expect updates to this game, as I plan on adding a few features that I wasn't able to get out in time later on.

Mouse for controls, click on the portal to do some battling, navigate through the base in order to customize armor, stats, etc. in your chance to become the Ultimate Tankmen while stopping the onslaught of madness creations on a day when a portal opens between the world of Tankmen and the world of Madness - Madness Day.

EDIT: Medals should be fixed once the game is uploaded.

EDIT TWO: Build 1.1 released - most bugs fixed. Go here for more details: http://c01.newgrounds.com /news/post/631569

EDIT THREE: Build 1.2, or Tankmen: Battle 3.2 released. Additional bug fixes as well as enemy balancing. Also at least one new weapon per class, and four new helmets, Halloween themed. Happy Halloween!! Also, enemies have become much stronger - go to the leaderboards and clear your data and try beating the game now, I dare ya! Thank you Newgrounds for third place for Madness Day!

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Very addicting, but I found a broken strategy, choose dual pistols, and start spamming power and agility upgrades, also get your durability and resistance to about 6, and get some efficiency to make the strategy easier, when the battle starts, use all of your SP gaining damage boosts, then use basic attacks, and start filling up your SP (you can use some SP to gain more damage), when the SP is about full, use all of it on unloads, and if you get low at any time, keep defending, your level 6 resistance will make pretty much all attacks deal less than 20 damage, and while you defend, you'll gain 20 hp each turn (with the enemy dealing less) and defends only cost 5 SP which is what you get every turn, the high agility will also let you get double turns, which will stop the enemy from attacking and give you a free 20 hp, do this for every battle and you will eventually kill every enemy.

bruh my data literally reseted

now this is a good game

Very good and addictive
Here's a trick: throw 4 or more flashbangs, this will make your enemy a baby with a water gun, always missing his attack, but it makes the thing less funny so you better make it in bosss or very hard enemies

theres no save in this game