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Siege Hero: Vikings

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New chapter in Siege Hero games.

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damn good game!!

i like games like this - with puzzle and action and explosions and physics, great game :)


same old concept

well made and I like the graphics. There were some programming glitches that I ran into.

In one level, it claimed I had failed even though I had no idea why. The peasant was still alive, all the vikings were dead. There was no reason or indication why I should have failed.

In level 12, I had no idea what to do. I thought that I would release the trapped pebbles onto the kegs of dynamite to ignite them. Well, it didnt work. The pebbles just rolled against the barrels and there was no explosion. I sat at that stage for 5 minutes wonder what I was meant to do. But eventually the barrels did explode... So, the previous attempts were just erroneous duds?

The "topple this structure" concept has been done to death now. I like the slight difference in perspective but ultimately I was bored.

Not great, but pritty good

It is an interesting take on the "destroy the castle" (DtC) concept, but it laks any real challenge. The only lvl that I had trouble with was 26, and I managed to 1 shot even it after a few mins of working on it. The added accuracy of this method of DtC makes it almost to easy. Also other than the view/method of attack, there was nothing really new.

All that said, I did enjoy the game for about 20-30min, and it was a fun quick play though, so 7 stars.