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UPDATE - 10/01/2011
Fixed Falling through the world problem
Fixed level lock system Saves
Hopefully fixed the weapon saving issues

Sketch Quest is an action-platformer that uses a unique drawing mechanic to have the player customize their character. You control a character in a high-school student's notebook and earn/draw weapons and enemies as you advance through the levels.

This project was developed by five students at the Vancouver Film School Game Design program over 3 months.

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There's a glitch that if you fall off, it never ends, you just keep falling.

Nice concept

I love the idea around it, but many things could be improved. First, the music gets really really annoying. Its so unbelievable repetitive, and espoeccially got on my nerves when i had been sketching one thing for a long time. That brings me to the next thing. The drawing interface is awful. There needs to be a bucket (color fill in0 option, and a line size controle, cuz drawing bigger objects takes waaaaaay too long and becomes really tedious

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Now i haven't seen originality since awhile, but can someone tell me who didn't make a penis gun with "explosive" power?

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Great Idea!

Awesome idea and style - I love the sounds all the enemies make. I found it really difficult to hit some of the enemies, which I guess is made up for by the unlimited lives. I also found 1 or 2 secret blue areas in every level but never got another color (I'm not sure which level I stopped at - probably 4 or 5?). On my last level, the one where there's a guy with binoculars going up and down on the left side of the screen, I walked right past that guy and fell off the level and continued to fall forever. That's when I stopped playing.


Who can resist throwable dicks? I know I can't.

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2011
1:20 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler