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UPDATE - 10/01/2011
Fixed Falling through the world problem
Fixed level lock system Saves
Hopefully fixed the weapon saving issues

Sketch Quest is an action-platformer that uses a unique drawing mechanic to have the player customize their character. You control a character in a high-school student's notebook and earn/draw weapons and enemies as you advance through the levels.

This project was developed by five students at the Vancouver Film School Game Design program over 3 months.

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Jolly good fun

I don't know why some people bitch about how crap this game is. I haven't seen anything like it before, IT IS very original, maybe your problem is that you'e too damn shallow and stupid to use your imagination and creativity to play this the way it was meant to be played. Sure it needs a bit more upgrading and editing, but i'm sure the guys who came up with it are working on it.... or at least i hope they are, cause i, for one, would love to see a squel.

Not a bad game per se...

This game has such promise, as all games with such unique concepts do. And what a concept this one has -- draw the weapons for a random high schooler's doodle to wield in his quest to... finish the game? Some levels you can even design the enemies you fight. Sounds like an artist's video game dream.

While the concept is slightly off putting, since one might not necessarily be skilled at drawing via a mouse, the game itself is rather lackluster. Everything just feels so... unimaginative. Since this is a game based on fighting doodles, one would thing the ideas would be more fleshed out or varied. And the controls, simple as they are, are just plain clunky. That, or the bad guys' AI is. I'm not sure as to which.

The artwork that is there is of course well put together, and you wouldn't think the background music would be memorable but it gets in your head. Still, when everything is put together it doesn't make for anything exciting. It's worth a play or two, though, because It's not a terrible game. It's not even a bad game. It's just an extreme disappointment.

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It's not very original, the weapon's suck, and overall it's not good. Although I've seen much crappier games than this and that's why it gets a 2

Fun, with problems

It's a really awesome concept for a game. Unfortunately, it's really not worth playing unless you have a tablet and stylus that can function as a mouse.

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I Liked it :|

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2011
1:20 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler