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Vector Stunt

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Author Comments

Hey Newgrounds! This is my latest "vector" game (after Vector Runner and Vector Conflict). Vector Stunt lets you load your own mp3s and uses the music to influence gameplay. If you don't have any mp3s there are TONS you can download in the Newgrounds Audio Portal: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/

Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to steer. Hold down keys combinations when you hit a jump to perform stunts. Perform different stunts while chaining jumps to earn point multipliers. Jumping on the rail does not count as a stunt unless you chain it from a ramp jump. If you bounce on the rail more than once you will lose your multiplier. Press ESC or P to pause and see the instructions.

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A very good song which works with all types of songs, regardless of what volume you have to listen to. (I had some that are about 16 volume settings bellow normal songs, and it worked.) I would certainly like to see more with this general idea, as it is far and few between to have a music-based game like this.

JESUS CHRIST BEST GAME EVER!!!! I like how I can use my own songs, which are damn awesome and perfect for this game. I really like the view of the pilot, which is so awesome. If only an oculus rift would work with this game AND BAM

Love this game, I remember the first time playing it, it was so awesome.

this game is awsome. and its on diffrent websites like spiked math so it wasn't blocked from school. this was the first GOOD game that wasn't blocked and im glad i ran into it. works awsome with pretty much every song and its epic with classical. i got the whole class to play too, so get ready for about 38 good reviews coming your way.

my only real issue with it was the fact that timeing some stunts is a little akward...

Reminds me of Audiosurf which I think a lot of people would say but still it has it's differences and everything and it's still a really cool game nice work.

Credits & Info

4.53 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2011
11:26 AM EDT