Madness Ultimatum_

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Thanks Miccool and Mesmay for making me finish this...well kind of finish it.

Story: Continuation from last series, Hank and The Clown put their differences aside to target their one common enemy who used them both for deeds without will. There's a first time for everything.

try to enjoy.

II-------- --- FRONT PAGE Sweet :D!! --- -------II II -------- --- My 1st Daily 1st! Thanks NG--- -------II

Also on Youtube: DavidDrifts


not bad...but i like it :D

That was awesome!

This was awesome. Definitely a major contender for this Madness Day. Great art with surprising fluidity. Movies with graphics these heavy usually lag. I loved the music and it definitely fit the flash perfectly. Although the only issue I had was the action was in tight spaces. I don't want to say claustrophobic, but they're were so many shots of the characters themselves and not really any room, it looked like they were in a hallway. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but you should have drawn more excess space to the characters in tight shots. But it was really a great flash. Good work.

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That's what you are when two of the most powerful beings in the universe team up. I loved it all! Please, i beg you, make more fast!

Pretty hard to get 5 stars from me.

Animation is great but sloppy, action is slow, but epic... Some parts are missing when doing the action, but atleast you did some work in drawing this, or animating.

Impressive job on the music, well picked for the whole episode, choose a bad one, I'm dissapointed XD


Your drawing skills are impresive, so is your way of animating.

Just be sure to doublecheck the video for sometime, you know like... Check if there's any fails or bad stuff making the video bad, anyways good job. Keep it up!

Did I mention this? Some things are missing like Tricky's pole which missed the [STOP].


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Amazing but...

Where is Tricky mask???

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Sep 22, 2011
11:32 PM EDT