The Guy With The Face

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So this is my last minute entry for Madness Day.

It was basically done in a little over 24 hours, so it's not the best animation I could've done - but it was a really fun experiment. I'm not sure if it's funny.... or not funny... Anyway, enjoy!

Happy Madness Day! Gogogo!!


loved it

really good twist on a madness cartoon

hahah reminds me of South Park

Especially the voices. Lol daily 4th? This is the best madness humor here...

Great stuff

Whether funny or not it's still fantastic. There were so many little moments that stood out for me, like to funny face on the note in the class room. Gold!
Great Stuff!

pffft lolol

NICE man was kinda deep but i wouldnt say as deep as some people are reading into it.....its kinda like that southpark episode scrotie mc boogerballs...

Not Face-ist...

It's not too often I find something truly confrontational almost anywhere anymore and I hadn't expected this to have the impact it did on me. In your, from what I can read from the description, attempts to make something funny, you've come to make something a lot more meaningful. This is a flash that... as far as I can tell, goes into something that's happening in the world right now, and slowly, people are doing something to change this, and I seriously loved how it mentioned that these kinds of movements shouldn't even be necessary. Underneath this flash is a hard fact that needs to be faced and you just did such an awesome job with this.

And the fact that this is a Madness tribute doesn't even need mentioning. :D

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Sep 22, 2011
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