Madness Quarantine BFNY

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well this is the first few minutes of the animation Madness Quarantine Battle for Newyork. i cant even begin to describe the horrors of making the animation up to this point. i would like to thank my brother, and my friends Alex codella and Aaron black who have helped me through this entire video. also to biosoldie167 and dragonslaya for producing these amazing sprites.

also want to thank edd, nick ringwood, and richard garner for their voice overs


not very good

it wasn't great rlly slow for a madness animation soldier's that were 3 feet away were aiming for the body and the dumb ass greeted a zombie on the plane i only give you a six because of the first part that fing it


cool, but mysterman have much reason...you upload the first partthe past year and you have much time to do some more best than this


Man, when i was loading this, i was thinking this would be some good animation with decent lenght, but again, you maded one of your short movies with 10 kill like and few soldiers, why? Why you can'┬Ęt make a normal animation like 3,4 minutes with lots of soldiers and kills, really man, you must put to your animations really long time, in my opinion.

nuke505 responds:

because for some reason, Newgrounds said that i had to shorten my video to make it within the 10 GB's of memory. i had to cut out like 2 minutes. idk wtf it was so big

Pretty Good

The British accent were hilarious, and it was well animated. The only real problem was that it was too short. I think you should have waited a until it was finished to release the animation, as there was no real "Battle of New York".


hello people, im biosoldier, the original creator of those shitty sprites.... erm, thanks

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Sep 22, 2011
7:59 PM EDT