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Escape Mystic Manor

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Point and click your way out of the creepy mystic manor, collect orbs while your at it for a high score.

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This was a fun challenge even if it's often hard to see a lot of things and the music becomes annoying. A lot of stuff isn't very obvious, but you should be able to solve this if you think a little bit.

Love all of your games!

amazing be better if you bash the locked door down with the crowbar

This mystic manor is harder to escape than I thought. Most puzzles were easy to solve except the safe in the chapel. Thanks to the comments on the walk through forum, the clue was written on the music note. The tricky part is entering the numbers correctly - two digits each time and follow the left-right-left sequence.

The purple key is crucial to finding the last two fuses. I had to check all the rooms again before I realised there was a book on the first row of chairs in the chapel. Pff... If the clickable area was larger, I might not have missed it.

dude it was frikin awesomee!! keep this shit up :)