Madness Neutralization

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Movie about prisoner, who tried to escape by signing to tests in genetic modification center. Will he escape?

This is little bit like music video, because I made music fit video, and it is important part of movie.

Please ENJOY movie, and madness day!

It contains link to my Madness 3D TRAILER!!!

please post some critics, what should I do next time better.

I have to say thanks again, to all music composers, newgrounds staff, and VIEWERS!!!! thx for front page and good rating!!!


I love the idea.

The animation was nice, a little speedy at times but the idea was fun, madness in a portal test chamber was cool, liked all the different gags and deaths. The ending was pretty well timed also, which is hard to coordinate since flash has the annoying habit of slowing down and losing sync, but at medium it worked just fine for me. Great job. Start putting more time into that 3D thing, I liked all of the trailer except the very end where it was Hank laying the murder on that smithys, hank seemed to have way to much brightness and since you are doing 3D, don't use usual camera angle, use your renders and do some cool stuff, if I want to watch that view I just look at Krink's stuff. Great job on both things and I hope the 3D movie comes out next year!

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Great art style.

Really enjoyed the blood effects, and in general it was really well done.

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You spelled strength wrong, lol.

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You lost a point for Dubstep.


I didnt have high expectations for thisi just accidently clicked it and decided "why not watch it". well it was the best thing ive seen this madness day AMAZING good ideas, art, music selection and the story was so great i hope to see more from you!

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4.41 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2011
10:49 AM EDT