Paper Mario Madness

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Edit 10/5: Thanks for the Mario Collection Recommendation. Wasn't expecting that one!


This is my year's submission. Wasn't gonna submit anything until I busted out good ol' Paper Mario and nostalgia'd a for a good five days. I figured Madness and the paper style were similar so I'd incoporate them into a flash (a decision I made roughly two months ago). So vote 5 and enjoy. I'm desperate to win some money this year.

P.S. I know this includes Paper Mario 2 characters and themes, so try and bear with me.

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fuck yeah
great to see my favorite things paper mario and madness get mashed up

Doopliss is one of my favorite video game bosses from my childhood, its pretty cool to see him in a new way. Awesome animation, you captured the paper Mario style pretty well.

Still as great as I remember it being.

This was great! I loved the animation! Plus, it's not every day you meet another person who also plays PM TTYD! Keep it up! I'm very interested to see what else you make!

raped by a hammer
to short but I love this damn vid