Zelda: Day and Night

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A short done for university animation class. The theme was "day and night" and something zelda-related was the first thing I though.

I know stalchildren don't appear when Link's an adult, but...artistic license, alright? Haha.

I must mention that Granfaloon's animating style was a big influence, especially on the little "bouncing" motions! His The Real Legend series are amazing.

This is my first animation done in Flash and it's very, very (and when I say "very", I mean it) short, but I hope you'll enjoy it!

[ EDIT ] Oh, thanks for the daily feature! Really appreciated.

Only one think, please read the author's comments before reviewing. It was short on purpose (it was supposed to be only 15 second long, I decided to make it a bit longer), and I did mention I know stalchildren don't appear in the adult time ;)


Im a hugh zelda fan but

Even though I play My Own Ocarina and been keeping up to date for the new zelda game :] Thank you last issue of (gf) I can not say this was good :[ I see the love, but i also see the sloth.

I did chuckle, I wont deny that.

One thing the game teaches is that with time comes (blank) But only he could let time past like that and still have what he needs. You can not, so you Do have to wait through those 7 years. In laymen terms, You put 7 times the amount of work into your next one, Not doing something Too along the lines of "The Real Legend" by Jerry (Granfaloon) I think it would be great. And I cant see much but your jokes might be better, but ive only seen 1 and it wasnt long >,> Good Luck And THINK and Hyper FoCuS I want to beable to follow you in the zelda collection!

I liked the skelton design...

That was like perfect in my eyes... and it was awsome... i beat orcaina of time but that game is like impossible to beat on ur own.... im serious XD zelda twilight is like the cakewalk version of zelda orcaina of time...

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very nice

just make them longer and then your good to go :D

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you know what i don't get?

why is hyrule field SO MUCH MORE dangerous when link is a kid than when he's an adult? as a kid, you have peahats (which take away a whole heart every time they hit you) during the day and stalchildren (stalchilds?) dogging you all night. but once you're an adult, and ganondorf has taken over as the evil king and plunged all of hyrule into darkness, all you have are poes that run away and disappear. you'd think the place would be crawling with monsters, but there's nothing! just a big, pointless stretch of land to ride your horse across (and since you're invincible on horseback, those rare enemies that do attack are a nonissue).

anyway, good animation too. VERY similar in style to the real legend, but you already know that, so hey

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... That was it?

It was like 10 seconds and nothing actual happens, Im sorry but this wasnt good. Maybe if it was longer and had some plot to it maybe. Beside that the animation was ok.

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Sep 21, 2011
6:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature September 22, 2011