Re30-2: P.A.B. by Ject

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Week 2: Sept. 14 - Sept. 21, 2011
Fishing in the arctic is dangerous.

Not particularly proud of this one, but oh, well. Good enough for a week.

re30 is a 30 second weekly competition between Ject and Cletus (ifang). Each competitor has to create a 30 second (or shorter) film with a topic of their choosing, using either paperless or cutout animation.
More animators of the community are higlhly encouraged to join the 30 second challenge. Each competition starts the day after the previous one ended, and it ends the same day of the next week.

-This competition serves as practice only. There's no promise of a cash or material prize of any sort, unless of course you get a Newgrounds prize out of it, in which case, congratulations.-

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You put my name in red at the end <3

Very nice, totally not what I was expecting whatsoever. But like the other reviewers, I would very much like to see something more than 30 seconds because your art style, animation and direction are all right where they need to be.

All you gotta do now is make an amazing 5 minute masterpiece and you'll be my new best friend.

... Right after Matt Kiichi Heafy, the lead singer/guitarist of Trivium.

Jectoons responds:

Hey! I'm glad you liked it.
Well, yeah, I will make some longer shorts (hahaha... that sounds funny) eventually. The thing is: The whole point of this challenge between ifang and me is to make 30 second movies every week. It's excellent practice with both animation and deadlines.
But yeah. Longer stuff will come later (no pun intended).

And thanks for that song! It's great, you did an awesome job, mister.

Not bad

In fact, i liked it. Good work. You got my five.


You have very reasonable animation frame drawings I would expect to see Bigger and longer stories of animations from you when you really make good ones.

That penguin is a long way from 'home'

Aside from that, the coloring was clean the models consistent. There could have been an impact sound effect, as the penguin kicked the icefisher, though. I must have been into it, since it felt like 15 seconds as opposed to 30.

I give it a 6.5/10
Rounded up to 7

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2011
5:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Original