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At the rise of a medieval town ye stand. Place the pieces wisely. Gather your peasents and work fast.


interesting concept

This is a really unique concept. I really enjoyed it so I hope you improve upon it and release new versions of it down the road.

I would like a 'no time limit' option, just to see what I could create if given the time. To see if I could possibly even finish the frame.

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A game of slow randomness

Pardon my critical mood, but...

The first impression I got of this game was that it's a strategy game with some economic focus. What threw me off is the random nature of this game.

I am at the mercy of the random tile generator. I am at the mercy of my peasant's aimlessness. Luck can create its own strategy, but this game didn't pull it off right to really pass of as a strategy game. I do well in this game if and only if the Random Number God is in a good mood.

It might be a good idea to add a "special order" feature so you can get the exact tile you need in exchange for some resources. That way, luck can create its own strategy: "Do I hope I get a good tile, or spend some of these since I need a really specific tile?"

Also, I find it unnecessary that I have to wait a few seconds after clicking an object to continue to either use the item or go back to the game. I hope the purpose of that was not to force-feed ads to your players.

I also don't think this game would be all that fulfilling if I ever get far enough to build a mill. Yeah!!!! A pat on the back for getting a big number at the end of the game.

NEDER-IT responds:

You are in a critical mood. Ask a Julia Roberts fan to watch a Rambo movie and probably they won't like it. I feel that you just totally hate the concept and you started digging for arguments. However you have a good point on the God of Random. At my knowledge this is quite an original concept. It was hard to get it working as a game. Earlier versions were plain awefull. Keeping this game interesting kinda made me feel the God of Random was the way to go. I'll take all critics and forge it to a newer and better version of this concept. We're all here to learn. Thanks for the info.

Great Game

Loved the game awesome concept just wish you could rotate the pieces using arrow keys

Hell yes

The tits were nice.

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3.35 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2011
4:08 PM EDT
Strategy - Other